C2M Taxation Accounting and Statutory Services

Are you battling to manage your employees’ payment records but cannot financially justify the investment required to purchase expensive payroll software? We take care of all your payroll needs, produce accurate IRP5 documents and customise the system to handle weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls. Apart from providing payslips to your employees, C2M Taxation Accounting and Statutory Services also takes care of official payments to parties such as the South African Revenue Service (SARS). C2M Taxation Accounting and Statutory Services complies with SARS and other legal regulations


  • List ImageReduced cost: It is expensive to regularly update payroll software and ensure that payroll employees receive adequate training.
  • List ImageIncreased efficiency: A professional team dealing with payroll issues on a daily basis will handle your staff administration.
  • List ImageStaying up to date with complex legislation: Your company’s payroll stays in line with ever-changing Tax and Labour Law legislation. You will also avoid penalties and minimise the risk of an audit by SARS due to a lack of knowledge and experience in your payroll department.
  • List ImageRisk management and security: Sensitive payroll information will be stored on an outsourced database which guarantees confidentiality.
  • List ImageSave time: You can focus on your core business while a professional team will
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Payroll synopsis

  • List ImageAdministration of weekly / bi-weekly wages and monthly salaries.
  • List ImageProviding payslips and reports in either printed or electronic format.
  • List ImageElectronic submission and payment of EMP201 returns via SARS e-Filing.
  • List ImageElectronic submission of UI19 to the Department of Labour.
  • List ImageEMP501 reconciliation and issue of employee tax certificates
  • List ImageLiaison with SARS, the Department of Labour, as well as payroll creditors.
  • List ImageCOID return of earnings




We satisfy our clients’ needs by breaking down stereotypical perceptions about auditing and accounting methodology. We strive to add value by finding solutions to the challenges our clients face.



We provide a service that meets our clients’ expectations within a cost-effective manner by still adhering to the highest standards.



We believe that our reputation is the cornerstone of our business. We are always honest and straightforward.



We always have our clients’ best interest and experience in mind. We operate with a culture of trustworthiness.



We make every effort to understand our clients, staff and communities and what matters to them.


C2M is an accredited training office and offers both SAICA and SAIPA learnerships. As a medium-sized audit and accounting firm, our trainees are exposed to multiple clients covering a wide range of sectors and industries.



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