C2M News | The Bottom Line July 2015

2015 INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX SEASON NOW OPEN Due dates: * 30 September 2015 – Manual or postal submissions * 27 November 2015 – eFiling (non-provisional) * 29 January 2016 – Provisional taxpayers via eFiling Tax computations are compiled by the C2M audit department. Please do not hesitate to contact the relevant portfolio manager should you have […]

C2M News | The Bottom Line May 2015

C2M DIRECTORS VISIT DURBANVILLE HIGH SCHOOL As part of the C2M schools’ accounting activation programme, Directors Carel Steenkamp CA (SA) RA and Carel Bester CA (SA) RA recently gave a multimedia presentation at Durbanville High School. This is an ongoing effort to create awareness regarding the Chartered and Professional Accountant profession and educating learners on […]

C2M News | The Bottom Line April 2015

SARS APPOINTMENTS | DELAY OF UP TO FOUR WEEKS New appointment procedures implemented by SARS are causing delays which are beyond our tax department’s control. Kindly allow between two to four weeks for a SARS appointment. New income tax registrations for individuals who are self-employed can now only be completed at a SARS office. As a result of the […]

C2M News | The Bottom Line February 2015

  Take Advantage of Your Company’s SOCIO-ECONOMIC and ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT Contribution Enterprise Development focuses on contributions to black owned businesses with the specific objective of assisting or accelerating their development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence. Contributions can be monetary, in the form of non-recoverable grants and recoverable investments and loans, or non-monetary, in […]