Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report | Deadline 29 April 2016

The deadline for the submission of the Annual Training Report (ATR) and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) to the appropriate industry SETA is 29 April 2016. Many companies are not aware that the submission of the ATR and WSP before the deadline is a pre-requisite for earning points under Skills Development on their B-BBEE Scorecard. Skills Development has therefore became a strategic priority to all companies wishing to achieve an acceptable B-BBEE level and meet the requirements of the Skills Development Act. For a detailed description of the B-BBEE priority elements, click here.

Corporate clients can earn the required Enterprise Development (ED) points in terms of their B-BBEE scorecard by shifting their ED spent from their income statement to their balance sheet. Cadiz Enterprise Development investment (CENT) offers such an ED solution. Contact Ronnie Els, Director of C2M Financial Services or your personal financial planner for more information.

B-Verified compiled two B-BBEE Decision Trees. The first can be used to determine whether the Old, Amended or Sector Codes apply. The second tree highlights areas where points can be earned under the Amended Codes. We’ve asked South African icon, Dowwe Dolla, to explain. Click on the link (right) to view this 4 minute video or download the Decision Trees from the B-Verified webpage.

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