The Income Tax filing season is now open and many taxpayers eagerly await a refund as soon as they submit their return. SARS has previously been quick to refund taxpayers who are due for a refund – within a day or two. However, since 2014, C2M Chartered Accountants Inc. has seen various changes in the process that results in refund delays.

Tracey Jones, Director of C2M Tax Assurance, provides insight into the SARS processes and the three main reasons why taxpayers are waiting longer for refunds.

Invalid banking details on RAV01
Invalid banking details according to SARS’ records can delay your refund. To prevent fraud, SARS is verifying many taxpayers’ banking details. Prior to filing your Income Tax return, ensure that the banking details as reflected on your RAV01 form (available on SARS e-filing) reflect as valid. If you have changed your banking details since your previous tax return submission, first update your details on the RAV01 form and then file your return. In some instances SARS might require you to personally visit your nearest SARS branch to verify the change of your banking details. You will be notified in writing. Note that specific supporting documents will be required.

SARS Special Stopper:
The special stopper placed on refunds can only be lifted at a SARS branch. You will need to provide SARS with proof of your residential address, a certified copy of your ID and bank statement not older than 3 months that is stamped by the bank. Read more about special stoppers. 

Verification of your tax return:

C2M has seen a significant increase in the amount of taxpayers selected for a review or verification. If SARS requests supporting documentation, ensure that you upload all the relevant documentation that was used to compile the income and expenses claimed on your return. It is advisable to prepare a schedule summarising (for example) all your medical expenses incurred. If you are in receipt of a travel allowance remember to attach the detailed logbook and proof of purchase of the motor vehicle.

Tax practitioners can assist clients with the above if they have a signed Power of Attorney from the client.

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Article published by Tracey Jones, a registered Tax Practitioner and Director of C2M Tax Assurance.
Tracey Jones

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