C2M Trust Management and Estate Administration | Director

Angelique Bronn

  • +27 (0) 21 914 0261


Angelique Bronn serves as a Director at C2M Trust Management and C2M Estate Administrators, where her expertise in trust and estate management has been instrumental in steering both entities towards significant growth and success. Her role involves strategic oversight, business development, and the intricate handling of trust and estate administration. Angelique’s leadership is characterized by her deep understanding of the complexities associated with trust management and estate planning.

She excels in providing clients with expert guidance, ensuring that their assets are managed efficiently and in accordance with legal requirements. Her commitment to ethical practice and client satisfaction has established her as a reliable and respected figure in the industry. Under Angelique’s guidance, both C2M Trust Management and C2M Estate Administrators have flourished, becoming synonymous with excellence and reliability in trust and estate services.