Tax assurance remains relevant in every sphere of the rapidly evolving business world. Failure to remain tax compliant is a mistake many business owners succumb to due to increased expansion and poor tax management solutions. The inability to file for tax or remain compliant with South African tax laws can shoot down businesses before reaching their full potential. Accredited tax assurance accountancy experts at C2M ensure error-free and relevant financial records are available for perusal in a timeous manner.

Why C2M for tax assurance?

Any confusion surrounding the interpretation of figures is dispelled through our tax assurance services due to our highly competent staff who review your records. Despite filing tax returns annually, every business owner’s nightmare is to misinterpret figures, but an accountant adept in all issues tax-related reduces the risk of being led astray by hidden information risks. Small to medium-sized businesses grossly benefit from tax assurance services provided by C2M, with a competent accountant well versed in tax proceedings who assists in the evaluation of figures. A certified accountant assumes both assurance and consultancy roles, keeping track of the practice’s records and ensuring the welfare of business management.

C2M Tax Assurance was established in 2016 as part of the C2M group to deliver a personal tax service to our clients. In South Africa, proper tax administration is becoming more complex as the Government strives to widen the net and increase revenue.

We specialise in dispute resolution and the taxpayer’s rights in terms of the Tax Administration Act and our Constitution, including resolving accounts issues and utilising all channels available to us in terms of the Tax Administration Act.

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C2M Tax Assurance Synopsis

  • List ImageIncome tax return submission
  • List ImageProvisional tax return calculations and submission
  • List ImagePAYE and VAT submissions
  • List ImageSalary structuring
  • List ImageAccount resolutions in respect of all taxes
  • List ImageDispute resolution
  • List ImageTax compromises
  • List ImageIndirect taxes registrations
  • List ImageEnter into negotiations with SARS on behalf of our clients.
  • List ImageComplex tax queries

Tracey Jones, C2M Tax Assurance Director, is a seasoned tax specialist with more than 23 years of experience. Our tax staff members stay up to date with the latest tax legislation and SARS requirements. C2M Tax Assurance assists clients to navigate through the complexity of the current tax environment and ensures that tax obligations are met timeously.




We satisfy our clients’ needs by breaking down stereotypical perceptions about auditing and accounting methodology. We strive to add value by finding solutions to the challenges our clients face.



We provide a service that meets our clients’ expectations within a cost-effective manner by still adhering to the highest standards.



We believe that our reputation is the cornerstone of our business. We are always honest and straightforward.



We always have our clients’ best interest and experience in mind. We operate with a culture of trustworthiness.



We make every effort to understand our clients, staff and communities and what matters to them.


C2M is an accredited training office and offers both SAICA and SAIPA learnerships. As a medium-sized audit and accounting firm, our trainees are exposed to multiple clients covering a wide range of sectors and industries.



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