The South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) has published the deadlines for the submission of Income Tax returns. The deadlines are dependent on the manner of submission of the return. These deadlines are not applicable to companies who are required to submit their returns within 12 months of their financial year end via e-Filing.

The 2017 Tax Season will officially kick off on 1 July 2017 and individual taxpayers will be able to submit their returns for the tax year ended 28 February 2017. eFilers will be first in line and can file from 1 July while SARS branches and the contact centre will be open to assist only as from 3 July 2017.

The Income Tax Act has been amended to impose administrative penalties for non-compliance. These penalties can vary from R250 to R16 000 per month. Kindly ensure that you have all the supporting documentation for your return as SARS could request this if you are selected for a review. Safeguard supporting documentation for at least five years in case SARS needs access to them in future.

Do you require assistance?

 To assist with the compilation and submission of your income tax return, C2M will require information such as:

  • Your banking details.
  • Your IRP5/IT3(a) certificate(s) which you will receive from your employer or pension fund.

Where applicable:

  • Certificate from Medical Aid as well as a summary of additional medical expenses, not covered by your medical aid and diagnosis of disability (ITR-DD), if applicable.
  • Pension and retirement annuity certificate(s).
  • Travel logbook (if you receive a travel allowance). Click here to download the SARS travel logbook template.
  • Tax certificates that you received in respect of investment income (IT3).
  • Financial statements, e.g. business income (where applicable).
  • Any other documentation relating to income you have received or deductions you want to claim.
  • Information relating to capital gain transactions.


Summary of information required

Click here to view a comprehensive summary of all the information and supporting documentation that will be required for C2M to submit your Personal Income Tax return.


Update Personal Information

If any of your personal information has changed over the past 18 months or to ensure that we have your updated information, complete the “Update Personal Information” document. (Click here to download.)


Statement of Assets and Liabilities

If you are a director of a company, member of a close corporation, received income from a trade or rental property or received commission, complete the “Statement of Assets and Liabilities” reflecting the balances as at 28 February 2017 and amend the descriptions accordingly. Note that the assets must be reflected at cost. (Click here to download.)

Tax Engagement Letter

In order to facilitate the submission of your return we require a once off signed copy of the “Tax Engagement Letter“. (Click here to download if you haven’t submitted this previously.) This letter serves to confirm our understanding of the terms and objectives of our engagement and the nature and scope of the services that we will provide as your tax adviser.


Submit the completed tax related documentation via:


Fax: 086 515 4338