Corporate Social Responsibility

C2M… making a sustainable difference in the community.

One of the truly unique aspects of C2M is our active involvement in our community. We want to create a tangible, positive impact on the lives of those we engage with. We are proud of our long term involvement with the Masibambane Sport Foundation (MSF). Masibambane is one of a few development projects in South Africa that are sustainable, showing yearly growth. Our involvement in this project is based on the following belief:

“…A passion for sport can unite the youth…It creates a platform that helps them to grow and develop despite social and economic disparities…”

C2M is one of the main sponsors of MSF and are also responsible for its administration and financial management. Over the past ten years MSF had the vision to utilise sport as a means to develop and uplift the youth of the Durbanville and Bellville communities. Many schools in the area have too little players to put together full sports-teams and consequently a sport like rugby is not part of these schools’ curricula. MSF creates an ideal independent platform where these learners, from diverse schools and backgrounds, can play, grow and prosper.

Regardless of the school or residential address of each player, MSF offers a safe, informal platform for these youngsters to learn from one another and grow as a team. With sport as a common denominator, people from diverse backgrounds are drawn together. It is wonderful to see how the different spheres of society join forces on Saturday mornings to support their children and relatives. It brings a unique atmosphere to the event and has become an integral part of MSF’s success. C2M is proud of what MSF has achieved and committed to continually invest in this initiative, as well as the rest of our community.
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