C2M Trust Management Director, Angelique Brönn, has more than 20 years’ experience in Trust Management and Estate Administration and assists C2M clients with all their Trust Management requirements.

We offer our clients a comprehensive, personalised consultation on an annual basis to keep the interests of beneficiaries in check and the trust aligned to corporate governance. At the annual Trust meeting, our experienced Trust Management team also prioritises decisions that trustees need to consider by taking into account the latest legislation, tax planning and recent court cases.  C2M Trust Management will serve as an independent trustee on our clients’ trusts upon request.

The purpose of the comprehensive trust administration is to:


Ensure that the integrity of the trust is maintained


To secure the intended benefits of the trust (asset protection, succession planning and tax mitigation)


Prevent the possibility of it being disregarded as an alter ego trust

Angelique Bronn
Director | Trust Management Services

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